Security Briefs

Property Destruction


4:15 p.m.

A student contacted the Department of Public Safety in reference to damage to her vehicle. The student said she had locked her keys in the vehicle and had an officer come to unlock the door. The officer had the student sign a waiver and unlocked the door through the passenger-side window. The window was later found unable to roll up or down.

Property Destruction


2:05 a.m.

While on patrol an officer observed a vehicle covered in eggs parked in lot 25. The officer observed another vehicle with eggs on it. The officer found the owners of the vehicles and informed them of the incident. One victim said he suspected a person involved. The officer spoke with the suspect and the suspect denied the incident. The officer reviewed tapes of a convenient store near the residence halls. The suspect then admitted to the incident after the officer observed her on the tape buying eggs.



9:25 a.m.

A student contacted DPS and reported someone had stolen several items from her vehicle. She said she had parked her vehicle on Feb. 13 in lot 11. She left and when she returned to the vehicle, she found a sports bag containing notebooks, clothing and money had been taken. She said she was not certain if the vehicle was locked.

Attempted Burglary


7:28 p.m.

While checking the softball fields, a DPS officer observed a vehicle at the Old Van Horbreck residence. The vehicle was blinking its lights and backing toward the residence. The officer drove to the parking lot of College Heights Christian Church to get a better look and noticed a subject waiting for the vehicle. The vehicle left the residence and headed toward the cross-country course. The officer called the Joplin Police Department and an officer was dispatched. Upon closer review of the residence, it appeared no one had gained entrance to the property, but a screen door was missing.

Property Destruction


10:30 a.m.

DPS was contacted by a staff member regarding damage to the mail van. The van had paint and tire marks across the right rear tire well. The staff member said the paint and marks were not there when she began her morning route. She said she did not know when the damage occurred, and she had not hit anything. The officer noted it appeared as if someone had hit the van while it was parked.

Vehicle Accident


1:35 p.m.

A DPS officer was contacted to allow a contractor into Spiva Library. The officer noticed the university van on the opposite side of the lot. When the officer had located the contractor, the driver of the van contacted the officer. The driver reported he backed into the security vehicle. Two scratches were found on the security vehicle. Scuff marks were on the side of the van.