Activities exist for a reason

Activities exist for a reason

Activities exist for a reason

Student involvement in campus activities has been a large problem the past few years. Jobs, families and homework interfere with much of the time, but events on campus exist to relieve some of the stress all these responsibilities create.

Campus-sponsored events should be well attended by all students, especially those living on campus. With the exception of athletic events, most events are attended only by the members of the sponsoring group and a handful of other students.

If an event falls between Thursday evening and Sunday, it usually is doomed for poor attendance; this is how Missouri Southern works.

Commuter students usually go to work on the weekends and tend to go to off-campus venues to hang out, since they are closer for most people. Comparing the residence hall parking lots from weekdays to weekends shows about 50 percent to 80 percent of these students go home for the weekends.

Many campus organizations have become attuned to these facts and plan Monday, Tuesday and, to a lesser extent, Wednesday events.

These groups should not have to do that.

Much has been done by the administration to make Southern a bigger, better University. Now it’s time for students to do their part. Getting involved in clubs and going to events help the University grow and make it more appealing to prospective students.

The next week offers many chances to do something. Friday, the Baptist Student Union is sponsoring a blood drive, Tuesday is the Southern Olympics, and the talent show Wednesday promises to be as good as it always is.

There are events on campus a good part of the next week before spring break, and although everyone may have mid-terms to study for, take the time out of the hectic schedule to have some fun.