Senate sees resolution against dean

Greg Salzer - Student Senate Vice President

Greg Salzer – Student Senate Vice President

Resolutions and appropriations were the focus of most of the discussions during the March 29 and April 5 Student Senate meetings.

During the April 5 meeting, senators debated the bylaws as a resolution was presented by Senate vice president Greg Salzer.

The resolution would be to reiterate the rule regarding elected Senate officers and their credit hours by the time they finish the year before they take office.

Salzer put the resolution forward for the Senate to vote on it. However, the Senate discussed the resolution for its 20-minute limit before Salzer withdrew it.

“We are the voice of the student body,” Salzer said. “Why should we allow the administration to bend the rules?”

The rule comes from Article III, section six of the Senate constitution. Senators must complete 60 credit hours, 29 of them being from Missouri Southern, before taking an elected office. If a dispute arises, the dean of students (Doug Carnahan), may make the final decision.

The ruling would affect three senators wishing to take office.

Salzer is one candidate for president. John Carr, sophomore candidate and The Chart staff member, is the other candidate. Carr has 52 credit hours, but will have 60 by next semester.

Carnahan has already approved his eligibility.

Junior senator Alex Vassilev said the resolution seemed like it was an unfair resolution.

“For me, this is a personal attack against certain candidates,” he said. “However, this is something which can be considered later. This resolution’s time is not now.”

Salzer said the resolution was not directed at any Senate member.

“This is only personal against Doug Carnahan,” Salzer said. “We must not be standing for changing the bylaws.”

Some senators said they thought the resolution was not handled properly during the meeting.

“Doug Carnahan is not here to defend himself,” said Kristin Dewe, Senate secretary.

Vallerie German, sophomore senator, said the bylaws should be considered for review if there is a dispute, but names should not be mentioned.

Adam Griffin, Senate advisor, said the hours have been looked at before.

“This is not the first time this has come up,” he said.

Eric Norris, Senate president, was not at the April 5 meeting due to other obligations.

The March 29 meeting saw one allocation. It was for $1,000 to the Finance and Investment Club.

During the meeting, Norris said the Senate had done a good job and he thought the financial situation was the best he had seen in a few years.

Norris brought up another project for the Senate to complete. It involved three new benches in the school colors.

They would cost approximately $1,800 for shipping, handling and materials.

“I think this bench, being school colors, would look good across campus,” Norris said.

The Senate also discussed a report regarding the availability of handicapped parking spaces and doors on campus.

The report was conducted by Salzer, junior senator David Slatton and freshman senator Melody Salzer and will be submitted to faculty and administrators members.

“We’re trying to raise awareness for our students,” Salzer said.

Norris said the senators and faculty members will try to meet together to see what can be done to correct any problems.

“I would like to thank the committee members that worked on this report,” Norris said.

The members also discussed donations to the Children’s Haven and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The Public Relations Student Society of America donated $250 to the Children’s Haven and the Senate voted to match that amount. With MDA, the Senate voted to donate $500 for the Stride and Ride walk.

Also during the meetings:

[bullet]The Student Nurses’ Association received $1,000.

[bullet]PRSSA received $1,000.

[bullet]Omicron Delta Kappa received $1,000.

[bullet]The National Association for Mental Illness requested $1,000 for brochures, books and T-shirts to spread information on the organization, but received $0.

[bullet]The Transcultural Nurses class requested $1,000, but was given $0.

[bullet]The rules were suspended to allow the Respiratory Therapy Club to make an allocation request. It received $1,000.

The Senate ended the April 5 meeting with $4,049 left in its budget. The meeting marked the last business meeting of the year. Senate elections are Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the student services office.

Salzer said he thought the year went well and hoped the senators will carry the trend to the next semester.

“The Senate has shown we are more than just appropriations with the benches, community services and other needs,” he said.