Busy life follows athlete

Adam Hinspeter throws a pass during a regular season game. He was active in football, basketball and golf in high school.

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Adam Hinspeter throws a pass during a regular season game. He was active in football, basketball and golf in high school.

For this quarterback, life isn’t only about football. Adam Hinspeter has long enjoyed many sports.

In his hometown of Centralia, Mo., Hinspeter was involved with many sports during high school. He was active in football, basketball and golf. Hinspeter’s senior year capped it all off when his football and basketball teams both won state championships in 2003-04, only the fourth time that has happened in Missouri history.

Coach John Ware sought Hinspeter out personally and asked him to attend and play for Southern.

“I knew Ware from Truman [University], and just wanted to play wherever he was,” Hinspeter said.

Hinspeter came to Southern in the fall of 2004 to play football for Ware, just as planned. He red-shirted for one year, then in fall 2005 earned the starting quarterback position.

“That was a great moment,” Hinspeter said. “I felt like I needed to be on that field again, and there I finally was.”

Hinspeter had a difficult time when Ware died of a heart attack Sept. 27, 2005.

“Last year during Homecoming week might have been the hardest week of my life,” Hinspeter said. “Not only did I lose a coach that week, I lost a role model and a best friend.”

Looking toward the future, Hinspeter said he is excited for many things, like this season’s football schedule. “We have a solid season this year. I’m very excited for things to start up again.”

Hinspeter’s teammate and roommate, Luke McCarty, sophomore, is excited about the season as well.

“I think we have a good, strong team this year,” McCaty said. “We will definitely be better than last year. Hopefully we’ll have a better record, too.”

When he has time, Hinspeter enjoys playing basketball for Intramurals, watching the Cleveland Browns and University of Missouri, playing Halo with his roommates and enjoying a game of Kin-Ball.

“Kin-Ball is an amazing game…” Hinspeter said. “Coach Killingsworth taught some friends of mine to play.”

Matt Habermehl, junior, often plays Kin-Ball with Hinspeter.

“Adam and I have a great time playing Kin-Ball,” he said. “It is very exciting and it’s not an everyday sport. We like to do some things out of the ordinary.”

Whether it’s football or Kin-Ball, Hinspeter keeps busy with all of the things going on in his life.