Students show some skills

Students show some skills

Kristin Wilfing

Students show some skills

Senior show gives students a chance to display their art one last time before graduating.

Every spring the art department has a senior show for its outgoing students. Currently four seniors are displaying their work until Friday between three and five p.m., when they take it down to make room for next set of four to put up their work for a week.

Jackson said Spiva Art Gallery is divided into four sections so each artist gets about thirty feet of space to display their work in.

The four students currently displaying art are Rhonda Jackson, senior graphic design major; Diana Hansen, senior graphic design major; Tiffany Freeman, senior graphic design major; and Marrissa Goddard, senior art education major.

The students that will be putting their art on display starting Saturday are Amy Patterson, senior graphic design major; Lisa McCain, senior graphic design major; Desiree Peterson Patrick, senior graphic design major; and Katie Lee, senior art education major.

Both senior shows have a week to be on display and will result in a grade for the participating students. There will also be a sign-in book for each of the artists so visitors can write their thoughts on the pieces displayed.

“It’s good to sign the book and tell them things you like or don’t like, or ‘Way to go,'” Jackson said. “So you can see that people are coming to your show and that they’re seeing your stuff.”

Some of the students don’t mind if the comments are positive or negative, they just want some responses.

“There’s people who say good job and great work,” Freeman said. “But I want more feedback, I don’t care if it’s criticism.”

She said the students just want to know that their work is being looked at.

“I think there’s just not enough interest in art, and people don’t appreciate it the way they should,” Freeman said. “Maybe they’ll think differently about it if they come in and check it out.”

But Freeman said to make sure to hurry because her art will only be on display until Friday.

But if students miss the current showing some of the artist have their art displayed on the Internet through the art page on the Missouri Southern Web site. Jacksons art can be seen through this link, just click on the picture that says R. Jackson.

But not all the artist are as easy to find because not all of their names are displayed in the picture that links you to their page. However, most of the artist on display don’t mind when students browse through the galleries to find a specific students work.

Jackson said all of the students in the senior show will be walking this May, however some of them still have a few hours of classes to take over the summer before graduating.

For more information, visit the Spiva Art Gallery.