Rooms recreated for better

Rooms recreated for better

Rooms recreated for better

It’s about time Missouri Southern did something about renovating the residence halls. They have been sitting on campus collecting nothing but problem after problem, ranging from allergies, to asbestos to leaky pipes.

These problems can lead to students not wanting to live on campus. This can also lead to an enrollment decrease.

No student will be impressed seeing a room in desperate need of repair on their campus tour.

It’s hard for students to get excited about moving into a room that resembles cell block four.

Health can also be an issue. With leaky pipes, for example, that can lead to mold problems, which can then cause severe health problems.

Students have been complaining about these problems for years, but the University has waited until now to renovate the residence halls. This process is a long time coming.

With the residence halls being older than some faculty member’s careers, it deserves an occasional once over.

Money may be an issue, but the university can’t afford to jeopordize student’s health. Students should live in the residence halls, not suffer in them. As of right now, two rooms in Blaine and McCormick Halls have taken on a new, upscale look.

However, renovations should not be limited to the private rooms. Even if students in the private rooms do pay more, all rooms should be cared for.

But, renovating all of the rooms could increase the cost of room and board in the future. Students might not want to pay more for that.

In time, the University said they hope they would renovate all of the rooms by the end of the summer.

With this, renovating the residence halls would attract more students to Southern.