J-Mac’s Corner

Jessica MacIntosh - Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh – Editor-in-Chief

Of all the things I cannot live without is my television and my television shows. This may sound kind of dumb to you, but it is one of many things that keep me going and relaxed. Watching television helps me unwind from a stress-filled week of nothing but story writing and studying.

But, last Friday that all went down the drain. Friday morning I was watching Carrie Underwood’s new video before I left for class. When I came back to my room from a long day in the newspaper office, I turned on my television and there was little white ticks crawling across the screen.

Of all the things to happen to me on a Friday night, my cable had to go out. I could not watch my Friday night shows like “Stargate SG-1” and “Doctor Who.”

I thought just maybe it was on my end, so I unplugged the television and the cable, plugged them back in and reprogrammed it. That still did not fix the problem. Plus, to top that all off, when I reprogrammed the television, instead of having 30-some channels, I had exactly one-ABC and it was barely coming in. Since I had no television on Friday, I took a trip to Wal-Mart for some needed sustenance. There wasn’t anything better to do than buy food to cheer me up.

Saturday rolled around, and my television was still out. Now I missed “Mythbusters” and The Ten Commandments. The weekend was not getting any better for me.

Nevertheless, I found myself watching nothing but movies and listening to same music over and over again. I think I spent more time learning the Coyote Ugly dances than anything else. But, the good news is I did manage to complete most, if not all, of my homework.

Then Sunday came, and there I remained eating Easter candy and watching yet again more movies. Laundry was on the top of my list for that day -$14 later.

I even watched Evolution, the movie with David Duchovny, Orlando Jones and Seann William Scott. It’s a guilty pleasure movie; I would not even bother to ask why I like it, but I do. Anyway, back to the whole cable issue.

When my roommate came back, she and I headed over to the Student Life Center and watched television over there. It was nice to see a picture on a screen rather than little white specks of what looks like lice all over the screen. At least that made part of my day and the whole entire weekend was not a waste.

Apparently, it was not only my room that was affected by the eat-the-cable plague. There were some rooms in East Hall who went through the same problem I did. Whatever happened, that remains to be unseen, but let me tell you I was not the happiest person over the course of the weekend.