J-Mac’s Corner

Jessica MacIntosh - Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh – Editor-in-Chief

Just before spring break began, I found out some good news that made my day.

After spending the last year or so searching for an internship for the summer, one finally landed in my lap.

I had applied for an internship last summer in Washington, D.C., but did not make it past the first round to even go through an interview. So, I was forced to go back and work for an evil company, doing nothing but selling gift cards, passing out balloons and giving special strollers to children.

After that, I applied for an internship position at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch back in November, and never heard from them again. I think it was in part to a change in publishers. Pulitzer no longer owns them. At this point I have forgotten who now controls them, but I think part of the reason why I never heard back from them was because of the change in ownership.

I am kind of glad I am not working for them. Because of the switch in leaders, the newspaper is not the same. From time to time, they have made so many mistakes it would take too long to list them all. It’s like saying the perfect leader left, like current coach of the Colorado Avalanche Joel Quenneville being canned as coach of the St. Louis Blues, and everything takes a turn for the worst (a.k.a. the Blues left with current coach Mike Kitchen, having the second-worst record in the National Hockey League and no Stanley Cup playoffs, breaking the 25-year streak). This is much like the newspaper.

Two internships were open at the new Busch Stadium and no word on them since I applied last year.

At this point I was destined never to have an internship until I received an e-mail from a company based in St. Louis that I had sent an e-mail to late last year. Come February, I heard back from them. Most people have probably never heard of the famous Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Yes, after one phone interview and a writing sample, I am one of eleven interns working for Build-A-Bear World Bearquarters. I was ecstatic.

All of that hard work finally paid off. I did not know what to think when I received word about being offered the position.

During spring break, I had the chance to go meet with the people I am going to be working with. I met my bosses, the official Build-A-Bear Chief Executive DAWG, (yes, they have a dog) and found out what area I am going to be working in.

Speaking of the dog, employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work. Not that I would want to.

I also get to have lunch with the Chief Executive Bear Maxine Clark and get to go to one of the stores and learn how to be a Master Bear Builder.

I am excited about this summer. Do I have to say more?