Southern changes catalog

In time for the beginning of Fresh Start, the 2006-2008 course catalogs will be available to incoming students at Missouri Southern.

Every two years, the University releases a new copy of the catalog listing descriptions of all courses offered as well as new degree programs and new classes.

Along with new classes, some classes have been dropped from the catalog and it will also show the changes in the faculty in each department.

“This is just the regular cycle of changing,” said Dr. Betsy Griffin, assistant vice president for academic affairs.

Griffin said it is a huge process to have the catalog put together.

She said in the fall, each department receives their section of the catalog.

“Any changes that they haven’t had approved they get approved during the fall semester,” she said.

Griffin said there were deadlines in the fall semester and all departmental corrections had to be turned in by December.

“It’s all put together during the spring semester,” she said.

Griffin said during the spring semester there are two or three proofs that are looked at before the catalog is taken to the publisher.

“It’s been taken to the publisher now,” she said.

Griffin said there are 30 new classes that have been added to the course catalog.

“The rest of these have had major changes, rewriting the class syllabus, the name [of the course and] the number of hours,” she said.

She said they have several new programs that have been added.

“Those are the big changes,” Griffin said.

Those that have been added are justice studies, juvenile justice and industrial engineering technology. She also said there are new options offered such as forensic sciences.

Rod Surber, director of public information, said as far as designing the course catalog, the same format has been kept and readability has been improved.

“A lot of people have put a lot of work into it,” Surber said.

The cover of the catalog, Surber said, is groups of students, the campus library façade and the school seal is shown.

“[We] try to show diversity of life,” he said.

The catalog will be available May 25.