Fraternity completes volunteer projects

One campus fraternity is making campus a priority for its services.

The Sigma Pi fraternity has recently completed a project involving planting maple trees along the eastern edge of Lot 31.

“The trees themselves were trees that had been donated by this soroptimist organization, said Bob Harrington, director of the Physical Plant.

Harrington said the organization donates trees at least once a year including memorial trees.

“We actually had a series of them that had died,” he said. “We had a disease tree and it took out several of the trees.”

“When Charbel, and Sigma Pi came to us looking for service projects, that was one of the things that I had in mind,” Harrington said. “They were pretty excited about doing that for us.”

Harrington said he thought the fraternity did a good job as they do with any of their service projects on campus.

“This is the third project they’ve done for us,” Harrington said. “The first year they did a project for us; they painted that white wall around the mansion and last year they painted the two pedestrian bridges that come up from the big student parking lot on campus.”

Harrington said the Sigma Pi’s also helped work on projects in Spiva Library.

“I think it’s fantastic,” Harrington said. “It helps us out tremendously.”

Charbel Bichara, sophomore international business major, said anyway Sigma Pi can help the physical well being of the campus, the better it is for the organization as a whole.

“It was not easy at all,” he said. “The service project on campus requires physical labor. The service project off campus doesn’t have to be.”

This year, Bichara said the fraternity is going to work with children for its off campus project.

Bichara said there are certain requirements for the fraternity.

“We require a certain G.P.A., we require service projects,” he said. “Right now I’m working on trying to get all the Greeks on campus to do a big service project during finals week.”

He said he wants to repaint the storage shed located on campus.

The Sigma Pi’s ants to improve by increasing membership and changing the stigma of what fraternities stand for. He said the Greek life on the campus is often overlooked, even by the University president.

“We have no support at from the school,” he said. “He (University President Julio León) thinks all fraternities are the same; drinking and womanizing and that’s something that we’re trying to change. We don’t follow that norm.”

Bichara said the fraternity has improved compared to past years.

“It came down to a point years ago where this fraternity was almost completely wiped off the map,” he said. “It came down to about five people and now we’re back up to 25 people.”

“We are a group of guys who are united in many different ideals; we’re united in brotherhood, chivalry, and scholarship,” Bichara said. “We try to go about those things in a sense of sincerity and respect. We’re pretty much the new generation of leaders; that’s our motto.”

The Sigma Pi’s will also be hosting a blood drive on Friday, May 5.