Shortage of events postpones meeting

Margarita Shaw, Joplin, views Still Life by Pablo Picasso from the new exhibit Printmaking from the French Avant-Garde.

Anita Jenison

Margarita Shaw, Joplin, views “Still Life” by Pablo Picasso from the new exhibit “Printmaking from the French Avant-Garde”.

This week, the Missouri Southern Campus Activities Board is abnormally inactive.

Normally, CAB holds an officers meeting every Wednesday in the Student Activities Office. This week’s meeting will be rescheduled so more members are able to attend.

According to Tori Christiansen, director of student activities, the next time the officers meet, a more convenient meeting time will be determined.

Hector Amaya, CAB president, said he was confused that Student Senate elections were canceled.

“You would think that the Student Senate would be the club everyone would want to join,” said Amaya.

The only event CAB is holding this week is Grocery Bingo 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Friday in the Lions’ Den. Everyone is welcome to participate in winning groceries playing bingo.