New system organizes clubs

Organization amongst campus organizations was the main goal of the registered student organizations meeting that took place Sept. 18.

Tori Christiansen, director of student activities, addressed organization representatives in the House of Lords room in the Billingsly Student Center to let them know how she wants to change the way things have been run.

“The biggest thing I want to change is to make the student organizations a little more accountable and to make sure they are recognized for what they are doing,” Christiansen said. “Even if it’s just a social event, a philanthropical event or community service. They need to be recognized.”

She said she wants all organization events to come through her first.

“Without any paperwork, we don’t know what’s going on,” she said. “We get phone calls all the time, and 80 percent of the time I’m out of the loop on it. I don’t know what’s going on and that makes me feel like I’m not really doing my job because I don’t have that information.”

She said the student activities office should be the “hub” of information on campus.

But she said students come in all the time asking questions like “I want to join the Biology Club; how do I do that?” or “When does the History Club meet?”

With no paper trail, she doesn’t have that information. She said a student should be able to come into her office and find out how to join clubs, who to talk to about joining a club, when the meeting times are and what events the club will have on campus.

But it will take at least a few weeks to get everything up and running though Christiansen’s new system. She said by spring semester all of the organizations on campus should be adjusted to her system and be using it easily.

“There’s so much potential on this campus. But we’ve got to start working together to see what we can accomplish,” Christiansen said.

However, there is a downside to her trying to start a new system, because not everyone will want to participate at the beginning. Some groups will want to have events without going through her first. And although she doesn’t want to be strict about things she may have to.

“If there’s an event going on like a fund raiser and I wasn’t told about it, then I find out. I’m going to shut it down,” Christiansen said. “I don’t want to be like that. But I have to put my foot down somewhere, because every event on campus or off should come through my office.”

Several organizations agree with her plans. Though there will be extra steps in putting together campus events, they believe it will help their cause more than it will hurt it.

“I think any organization is going to help out not only the greek organizations but any student organization, because we really haven’t had one for so long,” said Dylan Slagle, junior political science major and Kappa Alpha representative.

“In the long run, maybe a flyer or something will be put up because we turned it into her office and people will see that and come to our event,” said Colby Nelson, sophomore international business and finance major, and Sigma Pi representative.

“I think if we register all events through her and people call her, then she’ll be able to tell them what events we’re having and what’s going on,” said Truman Yeary, sophomore finance and economics major and Sigma Pi representative. “And maybe more students will become more involved in school.”

Which is the overall goal of Christiansen’s plan.

“At bigger universities, all they’ve got going on is systematic and to a T,” Slagle said. “You turn in your paperwork, you’re registered and the campus supports it. But here it’s been kind of haywire. So we’re willing Oto participate in anything, and we’ll see how it goes.”