CAB plans focus on Homecoming

Expectations are high for the Campus Activities Board as continuing plans focus on Homecoming week.

“We’re two weeks out, that should be everyone’s main focus right now,” said Tori Christiansen, director of student activities. “We’re getting excited about Homecoming and getting everything together. We want to get as many participants as we can.”

Out of all of the events, the float for the Homecoming parade was one the main focuses.

A committee of ten students discussed design and construction of the Super Mario Cart themed float, representing CAB this year in the parade. The organization always participates in the parade as an added bonus, but this year majority of the CAB members voted to be a part of the competition.

Other Homecoming events were mentioned during the meeting to encourage CAB member involvement.

“We have a whole slew of events during homecoming week,” Christiansen said.

She also looks forward to the All Campus Picnic in the Oval, with numerous activities relating to the Homecoming theme. One game is a NASCAR simulator game

“It should be a fun outside atmosphere to get everybody pumped up for the game on Saturday,” she said. “And sometime during that week we’ll be giving out Homecoming T-shirts.”

According to Christiansen, word-of-mouth, instead of fliers, is the best way to spread the news about the upcoming events.

“I feel that the fliers are over abundant, there’s just so many on campus, it gets to the point where you get used to them,” she said.

CAB is eager to see the results of the many events held this year for Homecoming.

“I’m excited to see what the turn out actually is because everyone really seems to be really energetic this year. And hopefully it’ll be a great week for everybody,” Christiansen said.

Another order of business was finding a replacement for Danielle Dunn’s position of CAB secretary.

Dunn resigned her position because of her conflicting schedule with the meetings.

“She felt it would be better to have someone fill that position that could actually attend the meetings,” Christiansen said. “She still wants to be a part of CAB as much as she can, and she’ll be at the events.”

By silent vote, Cynthia Patrick, junior public relations major won the position.

Anther student, Brittany Ramirez, freshman physical therapy major, recently decided to make a difference by joining CAB.

She attended her first meeting Wen. 27.

“I wanted to be involved,” said Ramirez. “I wanted to share my coolness with the world.”

Additionally, five members began discussing possible MC’s for the CAB sponsored talent show, which will be held at the end of February.

Hector Amaya, CAB president is optimistic for the anticipated events.

“We’re making sure everything is successful. That’s what we strive for, success,” he said.