Consult the magic 8 ball

Consult the magic 8 ball

Consult the magic 8 ball

No one can see into the future, so why does it seem the Southern officials are making decisions with a magic eight ball? Every time they shake the thing, it seems it tells them to ignore the growing or outgrowing problem at the residence halls.

Granted, a full-house is a good problem to have, but our administration is either ignoring potential issues down the line or is in complete denial. Not only is there a waiting list for the residence halls, but a section of the halls has been transformed from multiple-student sections to single, private rooms. This system gives the school the same amount of money, yet slams the door in the face of those who are left waiting.

If Kori McLemore had one of those eight balls, she would have ran away from Southern screaming. Instead of providing a room for the freshman, Southern gave McLemore the pleasant experience of commuting. From Greene county. Did we forget to mention she lives in Springfield? She has a room now, but that does not bring back the $100 she spent the first week.

Our shake of the eight ball, indicated that enrollments look to increase over the next few years; therefore, we should prepare so we don’t produce another McLemore situation.

Webster University opened two new residence halls in August, adding 343 beds. According to John Buck, Webster’s associate dean of students, the beds are already full. He also said students living on campus succeed academically and are more probable to “persist” to graduate.

At the first Administrative Council meeting, University President Julio Leon discussed how important student retention is to the University’s budget situation. So if Buck’s eight ball is accurate, which we believe it is, Southern needs to attract students here before we can keep them here.

The campus is preparing for a new student recreation center, not a new building for campus residents. Yes, we need that new recreation center. But we suggest the University prioritize people over projects. What we need is more space for our resident students, not a fancy new weight room.