Cameras help keep campus secure

New eyes are watching students night and day and some can be seen and some can’t. These eyes are Department of Public Safety officers and new surveillance cameras. The cameras recorded a suspect committing a robbery last week.

“The purpose of these cameras is to provide safety and reduce thieves and vandalism 24/7,” said Ken Kennedy, director of DPS. “We have already caught someone stealing a bike.”

While some students like the idea, they wonder what took so long.

“I find it to be a very good idea, but I am wondering why this wasn’t acted upon sooner,” said Amy Edwards, junior child psychology major.

“I think that they’re a good idea, but they should have been implemented a long time ago,” said Jennifer Felkner, junior theatre major.

Brian Gunnels, junior general business major, also gave the addition a thumbs-up.

“I feel that is was a wise move to enhance the safety of the students,” Gunnels said.

The cameras raise concerns among some. Not all students think it’s going to help.

“I think it’s a dumb idea.,” said Brandon Edwards, freshman international business major. “I look at it this way-as a student, what is it going to cost us?”

Kennedy said any hurdles in setting up the system would not affect students’ safety.

“We had problems along the way and funding was a major issue. The funding issue has not and will not effecting the Missouri Southern students,” said Kennedy.