Campus Security Reports



Anderson Justice Center

A faculty member contacted DPS in reference to a person who refused to leave the office. The faculty member wanted the person removed. When a DPS officer arrived, the person, who was crying, voluntarily left. The person left before the DPS officer could gather more information about the incident.



Dishman Hall

A DPS officer was contacted in reference to a theft. A digital camera was taken from an apartment. The student said the camera was placed on the coffee table in the living room. When the student woke up, the camera was missing. Several persons have been in the apartment, but no one has admitted to having the camera, a digital Pentax. The student’s mother has information on the camera, and the student was advised to contact JPD.

Information/Ill Student


Plaster Hall (formerly Matthews Hall)

DPS was dispatched in regard to a student having seizures. An officer contacted the student who attempted a back scratch and was stretched back when the student fainted and fell to the floor. The student had not been sick and had not eaten. METS ambulance arrived, and the student declined transportation to the hospital. The student was walked to the campus nurse.



Webster Hall

A DPS officer was contacted in regard to a threatening phone call. After the call was transferred, a faculty member assisted the caller. The faculty member advised the caller who asked to be paid back for an incident in 1978. The faculty member said it was not possible, and the caller threatened the faculty member. Joplin Police Department was contacted and a complaint and report were issued.