What are you smoking



There is a smoking issue the Student Senate only discusses after the meetings. There have been students complaining to the organization about smokers sharing their delight too close to the buildings. The Senate is considering a resolution asking the University officials to enforce existing restrictions.

The Chart commends the Senate for attempts made to protect the rights and health of Missouri Southern nonsmokers.

However, the proposed solution is as appetizing as a wet ashtray.

A suggestion was made to designate an area, around the center of campus, just for smokers and forbid smoking everywhere else. A noble idea, perhaps, but highly unrealistic.

Smokers have a tendency to ignore the “No smoking within 50 feet of the building” signs, and this rule is not enforced. So what makes this designated smoke station idea seem like a breath of fresh air?

What if we all take a step back and take a breath, or a puff, and think about what’s missing in our pipe of common sense? Hypothetically speaking, if the smoking area idea does pass, people will find something else to complain about.

Let’s put this idea out like a cigarette, because it’s not going to happen. Some people choose to smoke, others don’t. It’s a part of life and you don’t have to inhale it.

If you take cigarettes away from a smoker and tell them they have to stay in one place for a long time with no chance of having a cigarette, then you have a problem on your hands. Then again, if you put a large group of nonsmokers into a toxic cloud, you also have a pack of problems. Even though the smokers are a raspy minority voice, they are still a voice.

The butt of the matter is people need to learn to respect each other, and this problem will only be resolved through a mutual effort on the part of the entire campus community. If we can’t find a solution, you might as well put a stray cat in your backseat and go on a road trip, because it’s going to be a long ride.