Age an asset for rising country star

Age an asset for rising country star

Age an asset for rising country star

Some may consider her to be the next coming of Mindy McCreedy or a clone of LeAnn Rimes, but nothing can deny the talent that resides inside 16-year-old Taylor Swift. The Wyomissing, Pa., native has found her first single “Tim McGraw” to become a hit that is climbing the charts.

Some people may be confused with the title of her first song. It’s not a song about the artist Tim McGraw, but a song written about a relationship. Tim McGraw, the artist, comes in as a reference to a memory in the chorus.

This is what I like about Swift. Her casual 16-year-old ways seem to be hidden in the quality and inspiration of her songs. Swift has the distinction of not only having a writing deal with Sony Records at age 14, but to have written every song on her first album.

Her song “Picture to Burn” was written about a past relationship in which she was dumped. And the song that I think may be a hit for her is “Our Song,” a song about young love and relationships. Also, the tune is pretty catchy.

You may think a 16-year-old can only write about young love, but Swift throws out that perception with the song “Mary’s Song.” Based on the lengthy marriage of her neighbor, the song serves as a tribute. Her song “The Outside” was written during a time in her life when she felt she didn’t fit in.

An artist for the newly formed Big Machine Records, which includes artists like Jack Ingram and Danielle Peck, Swift continues to bring creditability to the label. She has currently been on tour with Rascal Flatts on the Me and My Gang tour, and has been named by as its “Ones to Watch” artist for November.

As a country music fan, I can assure you Swift’s career will blossom. As a music fan, anyone who hears this album can truly appreciate the raw talent and musical ability the guitar wielding, blond-haired Pennsylvanian has to offer. She is definitely worth a listen.

And, if for some reason, she elects to leave music behind, her other career aspiration is to work in criminal justice. Specifically, forensics because she has a fascination with “CSI.”

Oh yeah, guys. Before you start drooling over Taylor Swift’s looks, remember she won’t be 18-years-old for two more years. And for those of you already drooling, you can check out her myspace page at or her Web site,