Campus Security Reports

Vehicle Accident


Newman & Duquesne

A DPS officer rear-ended another vehicle at the intersection of Newman and Duquesne. Both vehicles were preparing to turn south on Duquesne, when the DPS officer hit the other vehicle. No damage was indicated on the 2000 Plymouth Neon. Damage to the security vehicle was minor.



Blaine Hall

A student contacted DPS in reference to a possible bicycle theft. The student indicated he saw a suspect riding down Newman Rd. on what appeared to be his bicycle. The student indicated he had not checked the bike rack, but his bike had been previously secured. The student said he would contact the JPD as well.

Property Destruction


Blaine Hall

A DPS officer was contacted in reference to a broken glass pane on the front window of Blaine Hall. The DPS officer contacted the JPD, who made a report. The value of the broken pane was set at approximately $200.