Club mimics Celebracion

The Missouri Southern Spanish Club will present a program called Celebración, at 7 p.m. March 30-31 in Taylor Auditorium. The program will feature Spanish Club members as they sing, dance, and recite poetry and will be directed by Steve Nolkemper, sophomore theatre major.

“This is the biggest event of the year for the Spanish Club,” said Spanish Club secretary Kim Forest, sophomore business and Spanish major. “It is a compilation of artistic Hispanic works that are performed by Spanish Club members.”

“We have people dancing the salsa, doing a flamenco dance, singing Spanish songs, and reciting Spanish poetry,” said Rhiannon Watkins, junior Spanish major. “It will be a fun and exciting show that I’m sure everyone, no matter if they understand Spanish or not, will enjoy it.”

Spanish Club public relations officer Sarah Harvey, junior Spanish major, hopes to see support from Southern students.

“This program is designed to create awareness of the Hispanic culture around us, help support the Spanish Club’s future endeavors and to raise focus on Missouri Southern’s fine foreign language department throughout the community,” Harvey said.

This is the fourth year that the Spanish Club has presented Celebración. Harvey said that they have had a good turnout in the past years, and this year she is certain that it will be the same.

“We believe the reason why we have such a good turnout,” Harvey said. “is because this program is not only encouraged to students by the foreign language department, but by all the departments at the University.”

Harvey said they are doing much more advertising this year than last year.

Tickets will available on the days of performance. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students.

“Some changes we have made this year to improve from last year is that we decided to do the program on two days, instead of one,” Forest said. “We wanted to give students more of an opportunity to see Celebración,”