Board ups tuition $5

Dr. Julio León

Dr. Julio León

Students will have to dig deeper in their pockets next fall.

The Missouri Southern Board of Governors voted unanimously to increase tuition from $130 to $135 per credit hour during its Feb. 16 meeting. University officials and members of the Board said the hike is limited to the inflation rate of 3.8 percent. Even with the increase, Missouri Southern remains the least expensive four-year institution of higher learning in Missouri.

“We’ve done that for a long, long time,” said Dr. Julio León, University president. “We try to be as efficient as possible. I believe in this part of the state, it’s important for us to be as reasonable with tuition as possible.”

Keeping the inflation rate in mind, students have had an understanding reaction.

“I’m not outraged,” said Eric Norwood, sophomore biology major. “It’s little now, and just as long as it betters us as a school.”

Cody Asbell, freshman finance and economics major, and Brandon Edger, freshman music major, agree the small amount per student will add up in the end.

“That doesn’t sound too bad, I mean they have to keep up with inflation,” Edger said. “If it was higher than that I’d be peeved.”

Some students are keeping the future in mind when considering the cost of education with student loans.

“It’s something I have to deal with now, but I’m going to hate it later,” said Jessica Lawyer, freshman undecided major. “It kinda stinks because the school is based on low tuition and they’re raising it.”

David Reed, junior mass communication major, said the tuition raise isn’t too big of a deal. He believes in Southern keeping up with the changing times, but wonders about the timing. Reed questioned the elimination of the 50-50 payment plan.

“I want to know why they did both at the same time,” Reed said. “This may cause some students to rethink education.

“In saying we’re the cheapest in the state and we give our students the best opportunity, and then excluding this program is sending a mixed message.”