SAA raffle off deans’ parking spots

Next week, Missouri Southern’s Student Alumni Association will announce the winners of five raffles for the deans’ parking spots.

The raffle tickets are on sale until Feb. 14 and may be purchased from SAA ambassadors or contact the Alumni Association office at 625-3068. Ticket prices are: $1 individually, $5 for 6, or $10 for 15. Tickets are being sold to faculty and students, and when bought, specify which parking spot is desired.

When a $10 purchase is made, an SAA Saver Card is free with benefits of having more than $40 in discounts and an admittance into an SAA event. Half the proceeds go to the SAA for student activities and the other half goes to the Mansion Renovation Fund.

“With the Mansion Renovation project in full swing Student Alumni members want to be able to contribute to this exciting project,” said SAA President, Krista Stark, senior communications major.

The drawing will be held at 12:15 p.m. Feb. 15 in the Lions’ Den. Five separate raffles will be done for the five separate parking spots. The winners will be allowed to park in the spots during the week of Feb. 19-23.

When the SAA asked the deans for help to raise money, they responded quickly and were happy to help with the fundraiser. “I’m pleased to cooperate, it’s a worthwhile project,” said Dr. John Messick, dean of the school of arts and sciences.

The deans volunteering their parking spots are Dr. Glenn Colthrap, dean of the school of education, Messick, Dr. Brad Kleindl, dean of the school of business Doug Carnahan, dean of students, Dr. Tia Strait, dean of the school of technology.

“I think this indicates that they feel that the Mansion Renovation Project and SAA are both worthy causes to contribute to,” Stark said.

The names of the winners will be placed on the parking spots.

“When they let us know that a person’s spot has been raffled off, we just stop writing tickets for anyone parked in that spot for the rest of the semester,” said Ken Kennedy, director of public safety. Kennedy said it would be too difficult to keep up with who will be parking in the spot all the time, and the students police their raffled parking spots themselves.