Campus Security Reports



Dryer Hall

A DPS officer was contacted regarding the smell of marijuana coming from the building. The odor was present in the building’s north foyer but not in any apartments.



Leggett & Platt Athletic Center

A DPS officer responded to the report of a theft from the athletic department. A computer was missing from the office of an assistant women’s basketball coach. The equipment was valued at approximately $700 and a report was filed with the JPD.

Property Destruction


Lot 17: Hughes Stadium

A DPS officer was contaced in reference to damage to a red 2000 Dodge Neon. It appeared someone had pryed on the glass, causing it to shatter. The damage was to the driver’s side, rear window. No property was missing.



Kuhn Hall

A DPS officer was dispatched in reference to a missing projector. The projector was missing from Room 204, which is a classroom. The projector was valued at approximately $600. The room is unlocked when the building is open.

Injured Person


Lot 39: Main Lot, east

An individual contacted the DPS office about an injury from a fall on the ice on Jan. 22. She was advised to contact the health center. She had previously contacted the health center by email for an appointment, but had not received a reply.

Hit & Run


Lot 38: Main Lot, west

An individual contacted DPS in reference to damage to his 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT. The car suffered damage to its rear bumper and quarter panel, resulting of a dent and scraped paint.