Sodexho improves atmosphere, service, taste

Munawar Ahmed - General Manager of Sodexho Campus Services

Munawar Ahmed – General Manager of Sodexho Campus Services

Welcome to Sodexho, your food service provider.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite those who have not been to the dining hall in the Mayes Student Life Center, The Lion’s Den and University Java to stop by and see what Sodexho has brought to this campus. We have been working to provide services that will match the tastes of the community. The quality of the food, service, and dining experience has been streamlined to meet the needs and suggestions of the students, faculty, and staff here at Missouri Southern.

Our goal is to make sure they are not only comfortable, but also happy with what we provide at the lowest possible rates. We also want the campus community to know we take all suggestions seriously and act upon them.

In the past two years, we have brought in new food experiences and varieties of food options as well as new styles and themes to the dining facilities. Many of these programs have come through the suggestions from students and customers. For example, we have developed several healthier food options in each service area. We now offer sugar-free items as well as more fruits, vegetables, juices, and choices of breads. There are also vegetarian options available.

The addition of new carpets, new display cooking station, new deli bar and of course new desserts bar has enhanced the image of our dining center. This all has made possible with the help of the administration. They may be small changes, but these changes are meant to improve the experience of our customers. Changes like these show our commitment to the students. It is a close-knit, growing community here on campus, and everyone knows each other. As the campus grows, we want food services to grow with it.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank not only the students who have made suggestions, but also my staff, which has made this all possible. My staff and I have made every effort to make sure everyone is satisfied with our service.

Whether it is cooking the food directly in front of the customer or just smiling when they ring up the cash register, my staff members bring a quality to Sodexho that cannot be recreated anywhere else. Chef Scott, for example, has brought 30 years of cooking experience to this team and shares his knowledge among our members. Everyone is enthusiastic and committed to their jobs. For that, I thank them.

Now, I would like to close by saying my door is always and has been open to all.

I welcome any and all suggestions from our customers to help serve you better. I thank you for working with Sodexho and making the past two years a wonderful experience. We want everyone to try our services, and we feel honored to be a part of this growing campus.