Multiple nursing bills are making it through legislature at same time

Missouri Southern’s distance learning program in nursing gets one step closer to fruition.

Kyna Iman, lobbyist for Southern, spent a lot of time talking to representatives about the school’s distance nursing program and the money it needed.

Originally the program asked for $921,404 for its first year, but the governor only approved one third of that.

“If a budget item is not in the governor’s recommendations then you have to find another place to take the funding from,” Iman said.

She then called the school and talked to the head of the nursing department to find the minimum amount needed.

She received an e-mail from the University that said $336,518.52 would be the bottom line.

Then she fought to make sure the program received that amount during the legislature’s discussion about the governors budget.

The program would open up two new nursing centers, one at the University of Missouri-Rolla and at Southeast Missouri State University.

There are already 10 students at each school ready to start classes in the fall.

The money would provide one faculty member at each location and pay for all of the expenses of running the sites for one year.