Research results found as eye-opening

Alexandra Nicolas - Editor-in-Chief

Alexandra Nicolas – Editor-in-Chief

It’s all in the name of research.

When I began the two-month long saga that would become “Adult Eyes Only,” an in-depth investigation of the adult entertainment industry, I had very little idea just what, if you’ll excuse the expression, I would be exposed to.

I’ve never understood the appeal of pornography, and from my viewing experience I can confirm I will not be a patron of the mature section anytime soon.

However, I can say that I enjoyed (pardon the pun) being exposed to a world completely unlike my own.

In a city where the size of our churches rivals the size of our schools, it was interesting to hear those I interviewed speak about their daily activities.

Yes, it’s true, even porn stars are just like us.

I spoke to those who stiffly oppose pornography on face value and those who staunchly support it. However, I think the most eye-opening thing I saw was the way we – as a community – pass judgment on those around us.

In the two months I took to research “Adult Eyes Only,” I saw how we have all been affected by everything from abstinence-only education to the Bible to the popular television show “South Park.” We are horrified, or amused, or we simply just joke about it.

In the final days of production, I can say I’ve learned two very important things. One, spending two months talking about pornography will make everything (and I mean everything) sound dirty. Two, the individuals who perform, produce and distribute adult material are no different than you or me.

I can say that the adult entertainment industry is an interesting ride, (get your mind out of the gutter) and I admire those that have the confidence and the sense of self to work in a world that will judge them not on who they are but on what they once did.

Perhaps the best advice we can all take is from one of the exotic dancers I interviewed.

“You don’t take shit from anybody and you learn not to judge people.”

However, in our high-collared world, maybe we would more readily take advice from John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Let it be.