Internet pornography brings pleasure, profit to Southern student

Sheldon Kennedy, freshman computer forensics major views some of his private collection.

Sheldon Kennedy, freshman computer forensics major views some of his private collection.

It’s one of the most popular searches on the Internet, it’s highly lucrative and it will get you kicked out of Missouri Southern’s library.

Internet pornography accounts for 20 percent of the $12.9 million pie of the adult entertainment industry. Interested viewers purchase memberships to Web sites catering to their particular niche and these sites are managed by webmasters like Sheldon Kennedy, freshman computer forensics major.

Kennedy operates at least nine Web sites with images to accommodate various tastes and preferences.

“In order to make money in the adult business you have to cater your material,” Kennedy said.

In addition to maintaining content on pages, webmasters are also faced with the pressure of maintaining legal documentation on their sites as dictated by U.S. Code, Part I, Chapter 110, Law 2257. 2257 laws pertain to identification of any and all performers featured on the sites.

“If you want to be in the adult business you have to know the laws inside and out,” Kennedy said.

Not only does Kennedy administrate sites for others, he also has an extensive personal collection. Currently Kennedy’s involvement in the industry is limited to his Web site management, however he plans greater involvement for his future.

“I’ll get a camera, and go to work,” he said. “I used to watch on a daily basis, then I realized, ‘Hey, I can make money off of this.'” Kennedy estimates that his commissions are between $750 and $800 every month.

However, viewing Kennedy’s sites, or any other explicit material in Spiva Library will result in removal.

“We always have a few every year,” said Ken Kennedy, director of public safety.

Though Sheldon Kennedy’s business may not be welcome inside Spiva Library, the judgment he’s received thus far has not phased him.

“I don’t go around saying ‘Hey, I’m an adult webmaster, how are you?’ but I couldn’t really care less what people think about me,” he said.

With millions of dollars earned in the industry every year, Kennedy plans to get at least his share of the pie.

“I can sit at home, look at some porn and make some money.” he said, “What could be better than that?”