Album bursts with energy, incourages self-expression

Samantha Freeland - Staff Writer

Samantha Freeland – Staff Writer

Mid-west reggae and punk rock inspired the music making up Cinna the Poet’s first self-titled CD, Cinna the Poet, released the last weekend of March.

The all-ages launch show was March 30 at The Surge. They performed again the following night at Joplin’s Nightlife for the 21 and over show.

The energy this CD exudes can get you dancing to its fast or slow rhythms and singing along with the awesome lyrics.

It is very versatile, if you just want to sit back and relax to “Underground,” or get up and dance wildly to “Rebellious Bells,” this one is right for you.

Frequent attendees of Cinna the Poet shows can appreciate the old songs, such as “Doon Chat,” and “Good Things Come in Six.”

Of course they have included some new songs like “We’re Gonna Make It” and “Drunk,” which anybody can fall in love with the first time they hear.

In order to buy this incredible CD, you must go to a Cinna the Poet concert.

Don’t worry, you won’t regret paying extra to get in to the show for a CD, because nothing compares to the energy and excitement of seeing them live.

There shouldn’t be any qualms about buying this CD, because you can pop it in your preferred music player and immediately start moving your body. Even if you don’t like reggae or punk, Cinna the Poet can bring you to a new appreciation of these types of music.

For more information, visit their Web site,, and look up their upcoming shows.

They will be playing on Missouri Southern’s campus on April 27, and also touring this summer with another band from Joplin, The Rats.