Campus reacts to concert, opinions vary

Campus reacts to concert, opinions vary

Campus reacts to concert, opinions vary

After what was described as a successful concert, all that was left was the clean up of broken beer bottles and trash.

With approximately $31, 950 dollars generated from the sale of tickets to the Cross Canadian Ragweed Concert, the Campus Activities Board is counting no major loss or gain from the show.

“We just about broke even,” said Tori Christiansen, director of student activities.

The Department of Public Safety and the Joplin Police Department ran security.

“We had a couple of fights, and we had some people who were intoxicated, but not any students that I’m aware of,” said Ken Kennedy, Southern’s director of public safety

Security personnel patrolled entrances to control contraband and members of the JPD patrolled the area during the show.

“I think we were pretty proactive and on top of it,” Kennedy said.

Despite the efforts of security, the next morning involved an intensive clean up of broken beer bottles and trash.

“When you have more than 2,000 people that’s going to happen,” Christiansen said.

Despite the minor issues, attendance was high for the three bands with guests singing along and holding lighters in the air.

“It was cool,” said Daniel Schutzenhofer, junior international business major. “It’s just disappointing we had more people show up for this than any other campus event, I think we need pay attention and follow suit.”

However, not all Missouri Southern students approved of the CAB’s band choices.

“Here we are priding ourselves on being culturally diverse and we bring this redneck, no-talent band that played till midnight and resonated off our dorm room walls,” said Julie Spencer, sophomore secondary education major.

Even with disapproval from some students, the CAB hopes to host more concerts in upcoming years.

“It was a lot of effort and money, I knew this band and their fan base around here, so it has to be something that I know we will make our money back on,” Christiansen said.