Agee named acting president

Vice President for Business Affairs, Terri Agee has some new shoes to fill.Following the retirement of Dr. Julio León as university president, Agee was named acting president for the academic year. Agee used her opportunity, following formal appointment, to offer thanks to the Board of Governors, to León and to give her thoughts on school and community issues.”We’re really thankful to the city of Joplin for including us on their trolley route, it will provide new opportunities for our students,” she said.”Dr. León and I had talked about this, my thoughts and prayers are with him,” she said.A Kansas City native, Agee graduated with honors in 1981 from William Jewell College in Liberty, Mo. She holds a bachelors of arts in business administration and in public relations with a juris doctorate from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. “Dr. Agee has the ability and the talent and she will provide great leadership for the faculty and staff,” said Dwight Douglas, chairman of the Board of Governors. Even with her new responsibilities, Agee said all plans for the University’s immediate future, including additions to the Billingsly Student Center will go forward as expected.”We’re moving full speed ahead, we hope to still break ground the first of the year,” she said.Agee joined the Southern team as the Director of Human resources, a position she held for nine years until she was promoted to vice president for business affairs, where she agreed to serve six years. She will now spend the 2007-2008 academic year as acting president.With the retirement of León, Agee also could be one of many to be considered to fill a more permanent roll as president in the future.”It’s too soon to consider that right now,” she said. Agee also offered her thoughts on the years she worked with León.”It has been a privilege to serve with Dr. León who has accomplished so much for Missouri Southern and this region,” she said.