Students get creative with in-room cooking

Students tired of regular University food service fare aren’t necessarily hitting Range Line’s restaurant row.

Residence hall students are turning to old stand-bys to cook up meals they can eat in their rooms.

Freshman theatre major Lacy Smith, believes Wal Mart is responsible for selling the best residence hall room invention, the sandwich griller.

“It is small and compact and it is only $10,” Smith said. “It is almost like the George Foreman. It can cook virtually anything.”

And Smith said it can cook more than just sandwiches, including fried eggs, apple turnovers and tuna melts.

Many colleges however, ban certain cooking equipment from residence halls. Southern, for example, bans hot plates, but does allow cooking devices such as George Foreman grills, coffee pots and toasters.

Students believe they cannot make much in their rooms besides the basic grilled cheese.

Some make things like microwaveable burritos, hot pockets, soup and frozen dinners.

One overlooked piece of cooking equipment is the crock pot.

With this, students can cook things like spaghetti, beans and chicken and dumplings.

“I am really good at cooking Mexican chicken in the crock pot,” Smith said.

Since the residence halls are limited with cooking space, students should keep a close eye on the food and remember to keep flammable items away from the cooking equipment.

Most importantly, students should clean up any messes and take out the trash when finished.

“If you make something that contains liquid, then clean it up quick,” Smith said. “It could mildew a lot quicker than you think.”

Smith said to have microwaveable safe dishes and couple of hard plates in order to put hot food on. She said she found that out the hard way.

“My roommate and I put grilled cheese on plastic plates and they melted,” she said. “We went to Wal Mart and bought two plates after that.”