Campus Security Reports

09/12/07Property damage Security officer reported a shattered window on the north side of the Criminal Justice building. The cause of the damage is unknown.

09/12/07Vehicle damage Faculty member reported that their vehicle was damaged while it was parked. The vehicle sustained numerous scratches and paint on the fender. There is no known suspect.

09/12/07Medical callStudent with a known medical condition was reported to be ill. The Public Safety was contacted. JEMS was alerted and arrived on scene to perform an assessment on the condition of the student. It was decided to transport the student to an area hospital.

09/12/07TheftTwo roommates reported that after returning from shopping they noticed that their laptop computers had been stolen. The students were advised to file a report with JPD.

09/13/07Domestic ViolenceTwo individuals were seen arguing in Lot 5. An assault allegedly occurred, and JPD was notified. Both individuals were transported to the city jail.

09/13/07HarassmentStudent called public safety in regards to an unwanted visitor. Student was advised to call public safety if suspect shows up again.

09/13/07TheftStudent reported a wallet was missing after taking a shower. A search was performed, but the wallet was not located. The student reported that several forms of identification were in the wallet.

09/13/07Weapons violationVehicle was parked with empty beer bottles in front seat, and a visible carrying case for a firearm. A security sweep was performed and in the vehicle numerous knives, a pistol and carrying case with a clip, ammunition, throwing stars, and a hookah were discovered. The firearm, case, clip and ammunition were confiscated and beer bottles disposed of. All other items were returned to suspect. A security sweep of suspects’ room was performed and nothing was recovered.

09/17/07Fire AlarmFire alarm was activated in East Hall at a pull station. All pull stations were checked and none had been pulled. Alarm was reset and students were allowed to return to building.