Southern bookstore offers affordable rentals, buys

Students looking to save money on college seem to be getting a good value here.

Web sites selling used books are more expensive than the Missouri Southern textbook rental program.

Nicole Ansell, senior international business and marketing major, said she paid a combined $242.27 this semester for both her purchase and rental books on campus. She saved more than $30 when compared to the site that offered the most extensive but still incomplete list.

“I feel more universities should offer a rental program,” she said. “I’m glad Southern has that available for students.”

Greg Needham, manager of the Southern bookstore, said the program is a winner for students.

“Missouri Southern’s rental system helps hold down the cost of education,” he said. “The wholesale cost of many general education books such as The American Promise history textbook now exceed $100.

“The combined cost for purchases textbooks and textbook rental fees is generally less than $200 for most students at MSSU.”

Nedham said the system does have pitfalls.

“In order for the system to be financially viable, textbooks must remain in the system a fixed number of years,” he said. “At Southern this means that professors can only adopt a new textbook every three years.”

Despite not having the newest text, students seem to appreciate the extra cas in their pockets.

“I was really excited about the rental program here at Southern,” said Phillip Dowden, senior mass communications major. “At Missouri State University I spent about $350 a semester for books. At Southern I spent $80.”

Others say the program is convenient for other reasons.

“I appreciate the rental program because I don’t always want to keep my books, so its nice to be able to just give them back after finals,” said Samantha Sonis, junior public relations major.