Rally for all our Lions

Rally for all our Lions

Karley Johnson

Rally for all our Lions

As the weekend approaches, our Missouri Southern football and volleyball Lions prepare to go up against the Pittsburg State Gorillas.

We are glad to see athletics and the Campus Activities Board working together in support of our athletes with today’s noon pep rally on the Oval.

Though it’s great to see active effort being aimed towards school spirit, The Chart wonders if 15 minutes is really sufficient to amp up the students. Fifteen minutes is a cup of coffee or a walk across campus, not a major spirit event. The narrow time frame also guarantees students with 12 p.m. classes will be unable to attend.

The U.S. Cellular Miner’s Bowl is one of the biggest athletics events of the year for Southern. But it’s not the only one this weekend.

In addition to only allowing 15 minutes for the two teams, a number of teams have been eliminated from the rally entirely. Saturday morning, Southern cross country will be hosting The Southern Stampede, an annual event that is one of the largest meets in the nation with nearly 2,500 runners.

Both soccer teams are in action at home, as well.

Again, we all know that PSU is the big rival, but is anyone paying attention to our women’s soccer team? The team began the season ranked no. 19 in the nation and is still unbeaten. They play conference opponents on Friday and Saturday.

What about the men’s soccer squad? Last season they struggled mightily, needing nearly half the season to find the net. This year, they began 2-0 and have shown a very capable offense.

Not to take anything away from the effort, we just hope that things like this will be considered in the future. School spirit takes everyone, not just the students.

We can only hope that by press time, the rally will be amended to include all teams competing this weekend. Even so, if the 15 minutes allotted is not increased, to support all six sports would allow for 2.5 minutes per sport. Not exactly giving our all is it?