BSU attracts students

College students looking for a way to get involved can join many student organizations at Missouri Southern, one of these is the Baptist Student Union.

The Baptist Student Union, also known as the BSU, is one of the many student organizations on campus.

Located on the north end of campus, students say they find it to be a friendly place. Whitney Allison, freshman education major said BSU had a very “inviting environment” on her recent visit.

“Everybody shook my hand and introduced themselves,” Allison said.

BSU is open everyday, and at 7 p.m. on Thursdays, they hold an open worship service called Echo.

The Echo service invites students to meet and worship and to “echo” Christ. A wide variety of students: freshman, seniors and even some non-traditional students attend these worship services.

Weekly discipleship groups called D-Groups and weekly prayer groups are only a few of the ways students can personalize their experience at BSU. The groups are small and times and places are different for each group. The discipleship and prayer groups offer a more personalized and in depth relationship with fellow Christians and help further develop student’s relationships with each other and with Christ.

Allison said she was impressed with her experience at the BSU and recommends it to any student interested in becoming more involved.

“I think everybody should at least check it out. It was very fun and a great way to meet new people,” she said.