CAB survey looking for student input

A survey may help increase student attendance at CAB-sponsored activities.

Wednesday, CAB members were asked to pass out a survey to students. The CAB plans to use the survey to find out who is attending events, and who is not. They want to know what kinds of events students want to see and would attend on campus.

“We have got to know what our students want,” said Tori Christiansen, director of Student Activities. “We are struggling here and we need suggestions (from both students and CAB members).”

“Student participation is key,” said Amanda Tinney, sophomore pre-med major and CAB secretary. “CAB activities are more fun if more people come out.”

Student members of CAB volunteer their time to put together free activities for students. CAB has new activities going on every week.

“We are trying to do diversity programming here,” Christiansen said. “If you like something tell us, and if you don’t like something tell us that too.

“Our biggest problem is getting the word out (on campus).”

Handing out flyers personally to individuals, as opposed to hanging them on campus, and chalking the sidewalks were some of the ways members suggested to get the word out. Officers also encouraged CAB members to spread the word about upcoming CAB events to everyone they know. Officers want CAB members to be willing to knock on doors in the residence halls and let those students know an event is going on.

“The biggest thing on campus is word of mouth,” Christiansen said. “It takes all CAB members talking about events to make them successful.”

For copies of the CAB survey, persons may obtain them in the CAB office. For more information about upcoming CAB events, please visit the CAB office or call (417) 625-9346.