10/2/07Injured PersonResidence Hall Grounds

A student fell injuring their shoulder with a possible fracture. EMS was dispatched to the scene. The student declined transport by ambulance and was taken to the hospital by family members.

10/3/07InformationYoung Gymnasium

Officers were contacted in reference to a hydraulic fluid spill. The spill was cleaned up. Officers were unable to contact the reporting individual.

10/3/07Hit & RunLot 10

Student left their parked vehicle for three hours, on their return they found the vehicle scratched and dented on the passenger rear side. The student reported the incident to DPS officers. Student was advised to return the next day to review the closed-circuit tape.

10/4/07Fire AlarmMcCormick Hall

Officers responding to a fire alarm in McCormick hall found that maintenance has determined the alarm to be making a “wrong device” alarm. The fire alarm will continue to give periodic false alarms until it is repaired or replaced.

10/5/07Verbal AssaultSecurity Building

An individual entered the security building using profanity-laced language to complain about a parking ticket. The officer asked for the ticket and the individual responded that they had torn it up. The individual was given an appeal form. The individual left swearing and sped out of the parking lot. A citation was issued for tearing up the previous ticket.

10/8/07Fire AlarmBlaine Hall

An officer was dispatched regarding the smoke alarm. It was determined that the alarm was activated by a combination of some smoke from a resident’s microwave and air freshener.

10/9/07InformationLot 44/25

Officer patrolling the lot issued a parking violation ticket and observed the individual return to their car and throw the ticket away. Officer issued the individual a ticket for refusing the citation and, placing both tickets on the vehicle, was approached by the individual who complained about the ticketing. As the officer turned the corner they observed the individual shred and discard both tickets. The tickets were retrieved and the individual was found to have other fines during the last year exceeding $300. The individual has registered their vehicle but has not affixed the permit.