KGCS student managers enjoy the ‘live’ experience

Scott Parker - Production Manager

Scott Parker – Production Manager

Scott Parker

Every semester the department of communication and KGCS-TV at Missouri Southern pick communications students to manage the station. This semester Scott Parker, senior mass communications major, is production manager.

“I have been in communications classes for three years,” Parker said. “I love everything to do with it, and I had friends that were student managers that said they loved it, so I decided to become one.”

Parker said there are many responsibilities that come with being a student manager.

“As production manager, I basically make sure that production goes okay. I also record stuff and edit too.”

Parker said he works whenever he is needed.

“If there aren’t enough students to work, then I get behind a camera or whatever else needs to be done.”

Parker said that the best parts of being a manager is getting to meet new people during interviews, and working with the production equipment.

“I don’t consider it a hard job,” he said. “Because I enjoy it. Some things do take long to do, but other than that it is an easy job.”

Jarrod Griswold

Jarrod Griswold, a senior mass communications, is currently the student station manager.

“I help with videos, editing and promos,” Griswold said.

Griswold started broadcasting in high school at Coffeyville High School.

Griswold then spent two years at Coffeyville Community College before transferring to Missouri Southern.

“My goal for this year is to continue to promote the station and to get more students involved,” said Griswold.

Working for KGCS-TV has helped Griswold build a resume for the future.

“When I do go to look for a job, everything is on video. It is like having a resume on tape,” said Griswold.

Griswold, the president of the National Broadcasting Society, enjoys the atmosphere of KGCS-TV.

“Everyone is nice and the people here want to help,” said Griswold.

Kharee Louis – Jeune

Kharee Louis-Jeune, a criminology and communication, is a junior transfer out of Boston. He is the promotions manager at KGCS-TV. “I do whatever they tell me to do,” said Louis-Jeune.

“I interview, edit and film.”

His previous experience includes helping with a sports show back home in Boston.

After transferring to Southern, Louis-Jeune wanted to get involved with the station.

“I applied for the spot here and luckily got it,” he said.

Louis-Jeune is using KGCS-TV to help him prepare for his future.

“KGCS-TV will give me more experience and make me better in the long run,” said Louis-Jeune. “I like the responsibility it gives me.”