Learning Center celebrates CRLA certification

Recently certified by the College Reading and Learning Association, Missouri Southern’s Learning Center honored five of its own for completing the Tutor Training course.

Dr. Richard McCallum, vice president of academic affairs, congratulated students for their participation in the program during a noon ceremony on Oct. 5.

“You are on a trajectory that will take you to 2010,” McCallum said.

Students who have completed the standard level requirements include: Nate Billings graduate student, arts and teacher education; Samantha Patterson senior psychology major; Julie Petersen senior dentistry major; Kaylee Parker, sophomore computational math major; and Thomas Bixler, senior environmental health major. An advanced level class is currently in progress.

“I think every student can be a good student if they put their mind to it,” Patterson said.

She recommends that students take the time to study, read instructions carefully and put some effort into their studies. Every student she helps has a different learning style and Patterson says part of her assignment is to find what will work for them.

“That’s basically what this is, to find the student’s niche,” Patterson said.

The learning center has approximately 17 tutors. Students come in for regular tutoring appointments or drop by for physics and chemistry tutoring. Students can also sign up for a specific instructor for subjects like math or writing and the writing tutoring is available in person and online to help students from freshmen to graduate levels.

Billings, who does much of the online writing tutoring, said tutoring is for every student, adding that many times the tutors teach each other.

“We’re directed towards every student not just the F student,” Billings said.This is Southern’s first year to be certified by the CRLA and after a review in the spring the Learning Center will be eligible for a three year certification. With the certification students who take the Tutor Training course can receive credit through Southern.

Training programs approved by the CRLA require 10 hours of training for student help, paired with 25 hours of experience.

“I think it is a terrific program and it is a credit to the students that complete it,” McCallum said. “Our tutoring program is enriched by the accrediting process.”