Blackthorn not typical eatery

Blackthorn Pizza and Pub in Joplin opened in September and offers food, drinks, and entertainment. They are open 4 p.m. to 1

30 a.m.

Blackthorn Pizza and Pub in Joplin opened in September and offers food, drinks, and entertainment. They are open 4 p.m. to 1

Anyone who walks through the door at The Blackthorn Pizza and Pub knows it is not the typical Joplin bar.

Since it opened in September the pub has been expanding slowly, but surely.

“Our first night open we served warm beer, two weeks later we got liquor,” said Roger Hannifin, owner of The Blackthorn.

The bar also recently started serving pizza, and already has somewhat of a local following.

John Boling, pizza cook at The Blackthorn, said he really knew he was making a great pizza when he saw a guy come in and eat one by himself.

Boling said he has worked at a couple different pizza places around town and he wanted to make something a little different.

“I wanted something thicker, with a lot of sauce and fresh toppings,” Boling said. “It’s all about the fresh-cut toppings and the homemade sauce. We don’t use any pre-made stuff here.”

Currently, The Blackthorn is serving a variety of pizzas ranging from the white sauce varieties Mad Greek and Chicken Cordon Bleu pizza, to the Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger pizza, made with red sauce and barbecue. They also serve a vegetarian pizza, the Healthy Hippie. Hannifin is also planning to add a Guinness Beef Stew pizza to the menu.

“I can’t wait to taste it,” Boling said. “It sounds a little out there for me but I’ll try it anyways.”

The bar also prides itself on its beer. With the addition of Bass Ale earlier this week the bar now has about 30 beers available and is planning to grow the number to 50.

But it isn’t all about beer and pizza. The Blackthorn is also slowly becoming an entertainment hot spot.

The Ben Miller band currently plays every Tuesday. Brutally Frank will play on Nov. 24, and Theo’s Jazz Night will start Nov. 16. Hannifin said he plans to have Theo more after that, depending on the customer feedback. He will probably play on Thursday or Friday with a Jazz set during happy hour and a funk/R & B set later.

Other activities at The Blackthorn include one of the only Skee-Ball machines in town, a pool table, and a foosball table.

Jason Martin, bartender at The Blackthorn, hopes to start running independent films from local students for an independent film night that he hopes to have in the coming months.

“We also have the best jukebox in town,” Martin said. “If enough people ask for a group I’ll get online and download it.”

There are drink specials between kickoff and halftime of Monday Night Football games. Student ID night is Thursday. Students with a current ID will receive 20 percent off dine-in or carry-out orders.

For more information please visit The Blackthorn’s Myspace page, or visit The Blackthorn. It is located between Champs and Club 502 on Joplin Street and is open from 4 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.