CAB wants more than a free T-shirt

The Campus Activities Board wants to use some of the new tactics they learned at the National Association of Campus Activities Conference in Little Rock to make CAB sponsored activities more about the programming and less about free T-shirts.

“Homecoming was pretty much a T-shirt disaster,” said Carolyn White, senior biology major, and CAB President. “It is hard to believe someone could get hurt over a dang free T-shirt.”

Students swarmed the stage during the Homecoming picnic after the announcement that shirts would be handed out. Some students were even forced under the stage.

“We handed out hundreds of shirts in about 15 minutes,” said Amanda Tinney, sophomore pre-med major. “After the T-shirts were gone everyone left.”

The CAB officers are trying to come up with ways to better distribute T-shirts at events. A prize wheel and signup sheet were some of the top ideas.

“Instead of T-shirts maybe we should giveaway something college students can use,” said Cynthia Patrick, senior communications major. “Like laundry detergent or laundry baskets.”

The officers of the CAB say they now have new tactics to try and increase attendance at events.

“Going to this conference made us realize we have a lot to do on this campus but people don’t come,” Patrick said. “We learned different ways to market our events.”

Some of the new ideas include the 3-D flyers that many saw on campus advertising the ghost hunters on Wednesday Oct. 26. The CAB members were also given suckers to hand out to students on Wednesday to help promote the ghost hunters event.

CAB members can also be spotted in their lime green “What’s happening?” T-shirts on days the CAB has events going on. These shirts were very popular at the NACA conference and were used as conversation starters.

“These aren’t amazing ideas but this is stuff that will get people’s attention,” said Tori Christiansen, director of student activities. “It is a matter of we have tried everything, and it takes getting people out there and in their faces.”

For more information about the CAB events Christiansen recommended students add MOSO CAB on to Facebook and Myspace pages.

“We update events on those all the time”, Christiansen said, “That is your generation that is what you are on all the time.”

Upcoming CAB events for November include the CAB Night at the movies on Nov. 15 and Gift Card Bingo form 12:15 to 1:15 on Nov. 30 in the Lions’ Den.