Senate eyes Crossroads funding, tables measure

Senate eyes Crossroads funding, tables measure

Senate eyes Crossroads funding, tables measure

After what was called a “rocky start” for the first few meetings, the Student Senate got under way with a collection of actions this week.

After suspension of the rules the Senate moved to discussion of a resolution proposed by Carolyn White, senior biology major, to remove the portion of student activities fee that goes to the campus magazine, Crossroads, and that the money be put back towards student activities.

“I know they stepped over procedure a couple of times and suspended the rules, but that shows me how active they want to be,” said David Reed, Senate president.

The resolution states “the Crossroads magazine is now an alumni run publication and no longer has significant student input.”

Of the $25 fee, the Campus Activities Board receives 53 percent, the Senate 13 percent, the picnic fund 10 percent, and 15 percent is withheld for unpaid fees. The magazine is allocated 9 percent (approximately $2.25) of each full-time student’s activity fee and White would like to see that money “go back to the student,” possibly being split between the CAB and Senate budgets.

“When you total that up, you’re looking at $6,000 to $7,000 of student activity money that students don’t even know about.,” White said. “I found that sad, truly sad.” In spring 2007, Southern had 4,064 full-time students, who collectively paid approximately $9,146 for the publication of the magazine. The cost of mailing alone for one of the year’s three issues is around $5,000. Fees paid by student while in school also pay for a lifetime subscription to the magazine after graduation.

The primary discussion over the resolution concerned the possible effects this cut could have on the COMM 220 and 330 Crossroads practicum’s; classes designed to give laboratory experience to communications majors as opposed to using student fees for a part of the publication.

“If it takes away from some of their color I’m not as concerned, but the class experience is something I was not as aware of,” White said.

White said she had recently been discussing student fees and where the money goes with Tori Christiansen, director of student activities and Doug Carnahan, dean of students.

“I don’t think it should be called a student activity fee, the Crossroads is not a student activity,” Carnahan said.

After a round of discussion Sen. Nathan Hicks, freshman political science, who believed there was not enough information available to make a decision, tabled the issue.

“I decided to table the motion because there were too many ifs and buts, there weren’t enough h answer, and I personally would feel really bad if we voted on something that could possibly shut down a class, I don’t think that is what student senate is about,” he said.

The Senate also approved the appropriation of $1000 to Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. The group will be partnering with the Athletic Department to host Breast Cancer Awareness Night at the women’s basketball game. T-shirts printed with the $1,000 will be given out to students and will read “MOSO for a cure” along with names of sponsors, including Senate, on the back.

Senate is currently in the process of trying to find seven new Senators to fill open seats. They will not meet next week for Thanksgiving, but interested students should visit the dean of student’s office for more information.