Administration has no plans to up parking

Administration has no plans to up parking

Administration has no plans to up parking

According to a 2003 survey, there are about 3,244 parking spaces for commuter students. About 528 spaces are staff and faculty parking.

Both Ken Kennedy, director of public safety, and Robert Harrington, director of the Physical Plant, agree that there are no problems with student parking.

“We have more than enough parking available, it just isn’t as close or convenient as both students and faculty/staff would like,” Harrington said.

“Actually there is ample parking for students, just not always near the building they have classes in,” Kennedy said.Kennedy said Lot 43, located south of Reynolds Hall, is rarely full. Lot 18, south of the Fred G. Hughes Stadium, is usually not even half full.

“We will be building a couple of new parking lots with the two new building projects, but they will be replacing parking that is eliminated by the new construction,” Harrington said.

A new parking lot will be built north of the stadium to replace Lot 14 on the east side of campus. Lot 14 is the location for the new Health Sciences building.Harrington said there will also be new parking built as part of the Beimdick Student Recreation Center.

“It will be designated parking for the new student health center and the recreation center and will not be open parking,” Harrington said.

“There are no current plans to add student parking anywhere on campus, but if we find the need for additional parking, we will plan for it,” Harrington said.