18 year old becomes slave to slots

Meagan Morrison - Sports Editor

Meagan Morrison – Sports Editor

Almost every American battles with some sort of addiction everyday. One out of every eight American has a significant problem with alcohol or drugs. That means almost 27 million people are addicted to illicit drugs or alcohol and only about 16 million of those people receive treatment.

Now, I am not saying every addiction pertains to drugs and alcohol. People are addicted to many things. For example, I am 18 years old and I am horribly addicted to gambling. Yes, that’s right: I am 18 years old and spend my life feeding money into penny machines. I spend almost every Friday and Saturday night glued to a seat in a smoke-filled casino. For the days I don’t want to drive 40 minutes to the casino, I have the gas station.

I discovered the gas station slot machines at one in the morning while stopping to get gas. I am so addicted to gambling that I will literally sit at the gas station for hours hoping that by some miracle, I may win. Only at the gas station, you don’t win money; you win tickets. These tickets will only get you things inside the gas station excluding tobacco and gas. One night, I won big on the ladybug machine and with my 35 tickets I proudly stocked up on Doritos, ice cream, and scratch off tickets. Believe it or not, so far, that is the only night I have ever been a winner.

I’m still waiting on a time where I will win big at the actual casino. As of now, I am the rowdy girl in the corner screaming because I won a dollar back. On a good night I will go in with $20 and leave with nothing but my dignity. I know that doesn’t sound good, but I have a theory.

Many people say the casino is a waste of money, but I don’t agree. Like any other college student, I am going to spend money on the weekend. Most kids, however, would spend that money seeing a movie or going out to eat. I prefer to go to the casino with the same amount of money, and at least have a chance of winning some of it back.

I know a gambling addiction is not the best thing to have, but right now I don’t see it as a big problem. You might want to ask me later though…when I have gambled away my car payment or college tuition.