12/05/07Property DestructionLot 6

A person reported their vehicle was damaged during a basketball game.

12/11/07InformationSecurity building

Two persons arrived at the security office claiming that the other was trying to steal the car. The persons were upset and the officer attempted to calm them down. Both persons got in the car and left. JPD was called and informed of the vehicle’s direction.

12/13/07Liquor Law ViolationEast Hall

A student called to report a party in one of the dorm rooms. The suspects left by the time security arrived.

12/13/07Fire AlarmLeggett & Platt Athletic Center

A fire alarm went off because of clogged air handlers. No fire was found.

12/13/07Vehicle DamageLot 4

An employee reported damage to their vehicle. There are no known causes for the damage at this time

12/17/07Fire AlarmLeggett & Platt Athletic Center

Students playing sports nearby accidentally set off a fire alarm.

12/18/07Injured PersonMansion and Learning Center

A student was injured by falling on ice.

12/18/07Property DestructionGrounds

An employee damaged campus property while cleaning the grounds after the ice storm.

1/3/08TheftLeggett & Platt Athletic Center

An employee’s belongings are stolen from their office while they were at an event.

1/3/08Fire AlarmMcCormick Hall

Multiple false fire alarms went off in the residence hall. No fire was detected.

1/4/08Property DestructionLeggett & Platt Athletic Center

An employee’s electronic equipment was damaged during a hosted event on campus. The employee’s office was unlocked.

1/4/08Property DamageLot 10

An employee’s vehicle was damaged by campus property.

1/4/08TheftLeggett & Platt Athletic Center

A piece of a vendor’s equipment was reported stolen at a campus event.

1/4/08Fire AlarmLeggett & Platt Athletic Center

A fire alarm went off due to an air handler unit. No fire was detected and the alarm was reset.

1/08/08Fire AlarmBlaine Hall

False fire alarms were reported at the residence hall.

1/08/08InformationSecurity Bldg.

Inclement weather damaged property on campus. Security was notified.

1/08/08Property DamageLot 21

Security was notified after a student reported a window was broken on their vehicle. The cause is believed to be from siding from the roof of Stegge Hall.

1/08/08InformationLot 23

A student reported vehicle damage to security. A possible suspect was named.

1/10/08Hit and RunLot 39

A vehicle sustained damage caused by a hit and run. Security was notified of the damages.

1/12/08TheftEast Hall

Personal property was stolen out of a dorm room. Security and JPD were notified after Christmas break.

1/12/08InformationMayes Student Life Center

Personal property was reported missing to Security after Christmas break. No suspects are known at this time.

1/16/08InformationMayes Student Life Center

A student reported an allergic reaction to a food product. Security transported the student to the school nurse, where they were treated for their reaction.

1/17/08Property DestructionLot 5

Vehicle damage was reported to security. Suspects were named and reported to JPD.

01/17/08Property DestructionLot 39

A car accidentally slid into a parked car because of ice.

01/21/08Hit and run

A parked vehicle was damaged when another vehicle backed into it. The perpetrator left the scene. No injuries were reported.

01/22/08Slip and fall

A person called security because they slipped and fell on a patch of ice. The person was not seriously injured but wanted to report the ice so that it would be treated.