Local bookstore ‘wants your shorts’

A local bookstore owner is looking for talented writers.

Always Buying Books is conducting its 6th annual short story contest. The contest, titled “Bob Wants Your Shorts,” will run through March 31.

Bob Wolfe, owner of Always Buying Books, said he started the contest because he “always felt like (he) should be doing something like that.” Always Buying Books has been in operation for eight years.

The contest is open to any subject matter, fiction or nonfiction. Stories must be original and unpublished, and copyright remains with the author. Four winners will be contacted by telephone. Prizes and certificates will be given to the winners. Authors can retrieve their stories after the end of the contest.

Participants should type their entry on standard paper, and double space the lines. Stories must be 3000 words or less and include a cover sheet and a title page.

The name of the author should only appear on the cover sheet, and not in the manuscript. Include the title of the manuscript, your name and phone number on the cover sheet. The title page should only include the title of your manuscript. In the manuscript provide the page number and title of the work.

Each year a different, impartial judge is hired to critique the entries. A $10 reading fee is charged to participate in the contest.

For additional contest rules, please visit Always Buying Books, 5357 N. Main in Joplin.