While the cost of attending Missouri Southern is going up, most students contacted by The Chart say the increase is affordable.

“I think it’s reasonable,” said Howie Lindeman, sophomore undecided major. His son attends Southern Methodist University in Dallas. This increase, compared to the cost of private tuition, is minimal to him.

The University’s Board of Governors approved an $8 per credit hour increase at its regular meeting Feb. 15. Tuition will rise to $143 from $135 in fall 2008.

“We can see where it puts the squeeze on a traditional freshman,” Lindeman said. “But for us everything is in perspective.”

This is nothing, $8 is absolutely nothing,” said Alesha Gilleland, junior sociology major. “Just like the books. My son got three books there at Southern Methodist University – they were over $500. So the savings they’re doing with books here is just tremendous compared to any university.”

Others have not formed an opinion.

Sarah Harvey, senior Spanish major, said she needed more information.

“I’d have to research it a little bit more,” she said.

The increase came as a standard tuition hike. Southern had the lowest tuition among Missouri’s four-year institutions last year.

Pittsburg State University projected a tuition hike on Feb. 20 that would bring its tuition to $1,714.02 for 12 or more credit hours. Southern’s increase would put 12 hours at $1,716 per semester before fees.

“If you look at it what do you have – inflation? That’s just a fact of life,” said John Ockert, junior history major. “You can’t be upset with that.”

He also favors applying the new recreation center fee in exchange for the new building and the activities it will bring.

“The $150 for the student rec center – any expansion is a good expansion. $150 is a small fee.”

Not all students will use the building consistently, but Ockert said paying for the building now is like paying taxes for new roads.

“Do you drive on every road you pay taxes for? No,” he said. “Sometimes for the greater good things need to happen.”