Security Reports for Dec. 7

11/15/07Fire AlarmEast Hall

The fire alarm was pulled in residence hall. No suspect information is available on the prank at this time.

11/16/07InformationInternational Ave.

Careless and imprudent driving led officer to write a traffic citation in Lot 25 after he feared for the safety of the students.

11/19/07Vehicle AccidentLot 22: Apts, Main Lot

No injuries where reported in the accident in front of Blaine Hall. One vehicle had minor damage after scraping against the other car while backing out.

11/19/07InformationStadium Dr.

A large fuse was affixed to an electric pole that exploded as a result of an earlier power surge.

11/19/07Information Spiva Library

Security was called for disturbing the peace and a computer violation. A student was asked to leave the library after caught viewing a pornographic picture. No known suspects in the disturbing the peace.

11/20/07BurglaryEast Hall

A student had someone break and enter her room over the Thanksgiving weekend. Her television was stolen and JPD was notified.

11/20/07InformationLot 08, Reynolds, South

A staff member yelled curse words at security after being asked not to cardboard sled down the hill behind Reynolds Hall. Security said he would issue the staff member a citation. The incident was reported to Ken Kennedy.

11/24/07TheftEast Hall

A student returned to his room from a trip to find he and his roommates gaming systems had been stolen.

11/25/07TheftEast Hall

Student returned to his dorm after gone home for the holidays to find his television was missing the flat screen. No suspects have been reported at this time.

11/26/07TheftEast Hall

A student reported his Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Ds, two controllers and 10-11 games had been stolen out of his dorm on Nov. 25, 2007. JPD was contacted.

11/26/07BurglaryApts. H Stone Hall

A student contacted DPS after the Thanksgiving break, when he noticed his PS3 and games were missing.

11/28/07Vehicle AccidentLot #13 Victory Lane

Damage was done to a bus after trying to make a left turn. The bus was the only vehicle involved.

11/29/07Vehicle AccidentInternational Ave.

A vehicle backed into a parked car on the east side of International Ave.

12/3/07Fire AlarmEast Hall

Fire alarm was pulled on the second floor. No fire existed and no suspects have been identified.

12/5/07TheftBlaine Hall

Vending machine was burglarized and the video and audio outlets were damaged. Vendor was notified for repairs.