Patron’s reception honors MSIPC supporters

Monday evening, before the first concert of the Missouri Southern International Piano Competition began, a Patrons Reception was held for all the people who were sponsoring or hosting the event.

The patron’s reception is a welcoming to all the people who have put their time and money into the MSIPC. Guests included board members, committee members, sponsors and people who have been involved a long time and contribute in other ways.

Also in attendance were Vivian León, director of the MSIPC, and former University president Julio León. A few of the competitors attended also.

“You don’t see this sort of thing in many other cities, we are very fortunate to have them here in Joplin,” said Dee Kassab, a participant in the event since its start.

Kassab has served as a host parent several times for different competitors, as well as a committee member.

“I’ve done it all,” Kassab said. “This event is incredible for Joplin and Missouri Southern.”

Also in attendance was Clifford Wert, who was representing US Bank, the major sponsor for the event.

“US Bank is very happy to support this event,” Wert said. “We have been a long-standing supporter and have seen the benefits from MSIPC on the community and MSSU.”

Committee member Susie Ramsour first attended the event when she had a student competing. That was 13 years ago.

“This event is just such a good time it keeps you coming back,” Ramsour said.

At the reception, C.C. Fritz played the piano while patrons strolled around and talked. It was a formal setting with appetizers and wine served.

“This is all very exciting and wonderful,” said Courtney Dermott, a board member. “This event is always something to look forward to.”