Campus Security Reports

3/29/08TrespassingLot 17

A person was asked to leave campus when campus officers discovered the person was gathering signatures for a petition without a permit. An event was taking place on campus, and those that signed the petition thought they were signing into the event. The person failed to leave campus in a timely manner and was arrested for trespassing.

3/30/08Suspicious ActivityPlaster Hall

An individual was discovered wandering in Plaster Hall in the late afternoon. The individual was not a student, but claimed to be looking for information about Missouri Southern. A security officer questioned the individual.

3/30/08Computer Use ViolationSpiva Library

A student was caught viewing inappropriate material on a University computer. The student was warned of MSSU’s Acceptable Use Policy, and asked to leave campus for the day.

3/31/08Injured PersonLot 01

A person fell on an asphalt patch and was injured. The person was taken to the campus nurse to receive treatment for multiple scrapes and cuts.